down with

Single-Use Plastics


Plastic does not decompose. It is a material meant to last, not designed for single-use items. So the purpose of #IQuitPlastics is to reduce our dependence on disposable plastics. You know, like one time use thin plastic grocery bags that fly around the city, into the ocean, choking a dolphin, and breaking into micro bits absorbing other pollutants in the sea, and threatening the rest of the creatures out there with their toxic microscopic selves for eons. Or a straw you suck a beverage from in ten seconds that lasts 1000 years and does hectic stuff to turtles like this. We are highly intelligent, innovative, and also dependent on the health of our planet; I believe we can do better than disposable plastics.


How could I possibly quit plastic? It is EVERYWHERE.

This is precisely why we need to take a deep breath and give it a go. Fortunately, the step before quitting, is building awareness. Taking an audit of the plastic we use in our daily life will help identify common sources and areas for improvement. Remembering to keep the trash can be hard, so it helps to designate a jar, box or area in the house to keep all of the trash created. This holds us accountable from the stickers on fruit to the lid on a coconut water to the tea bag packaging.


Reflecting on our Plastic Use. What do I REALLY need?

Sifting through the trash created over a two week period reveals much about our lifestyle. Make a list of the rubbish and reflect on what could be skipped, planned ahead for, or done differently. Perhaps there are healthier choices to be made, both for the planet and our physical body. The biggest indicators for success here are our ability to get creative and plan ahead. It may take a while to build new habits and routines, but the benefits of cutting out plastic waste are tenfold.


The beauty of  

A Plastic Free Life:

The day to day of a life without trash is rich. Having a relationship with farmers who give us food straight from their land. Enjoying our coffee at the cafe and reading the paper or chatting with new friends. Blending our own dips and concocting health drinks at home with a pantry full of magical ingredients. Imagine our homes more natural and less full of toxins. Imagine meals more romantic than chip bags and soda bottles. Imagine our lives giving back to the earth more than we take and more than we trash. This is the existence I strive for.