who is

Plastic Free Mermaid?

I am Kate Nelson.

I am a water woman magical mermaid yogi goddess & I’ve been disposable plastic free for ten years now.

I started my journey volunteering for Dr. Andrea Neal in Santa Barbara, California at Jean Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society. Dr. Dre taught me that plastic does not biodegrade & showed me how it was collecting in large swirling gyres in between continents. Shocked. Appalled. Horrified. I decided to venture out to the Great Pacific Trash Gyre with my magic merman pirate friend Joel (who built & sailed the Junk Raft with Dr. Marcus Erikson of 5 Gyres from San Fran to Hawaii). We collected samples with a trawling net designed especially for this purpose. The ocean was bright beautiful blue with only a toothbrush or plastic bottle or the occasional fishing net or rope-entangled paraphernalia floating past. When we pulled up the trawl, it was FULL of tiny micro plastics. 

We could not separate the micro plastics out from the plankton and small organisms.

It was then that I realised the severity and scale of this issue. I went HARDCORE. I lobbied government, I pitched to corporate, I spoke at schools all over the world, I met with any politician who would hear me, I founded a non-profit with my most magical sparkly mermaid friends to spread the word, clean beaches, and inspire a movement, and

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.18.25 am.png

I quit plastics.

I stopped using disposable plastic bags, I stopped drinking water from disposable water bottles, I refused straws, I had my coffee for here. 

It was not easy. Becoming AWARE of the TONS of plastic in my life was a massive wake up call. I was contributing to the garbage dump in the precious sea that I loved so much. It has taken me years. It has been an organic, natural, humbling journey full of learning. 

The reason I have been able to sustain such a drastic shift, is because of the incredible results of eliminating plastic from my life. By abstaining from things packaged in plastic, I make my own. This causes me to hand select fresh ingredients, stock up my bulk spices in the pantry, blend and experiment just to my liking. All of this attention and care takes a bit more time, but there are no surprise chemicals and wouldn't you know,

it makes my life richer.


I know my farmers, I tend a garden, I eat fresh, I am healthy, I feel good. My life is more connected to nature than ever. I live simply. I live consciously. I live sustainably.

I am grateful to now have the opportunity to teach what I have learned & to continue learning from you all here in this inspiring community. THANK YOU for your support, words of encouragement, love, ideas, recipes, shifts, openness, & your authentic curiosity which brought you here. STAY OPEN. 


follow my journey ~