Natural Stain Removal, Clothing Whitener, & Plastic Free Laundry Hacks

While I grew up with it, I have honestly found plastic bottles of BLEACH on beaches. F THAT.

Now I use strong, NATURAL chemicals to whiten my clothes and remove stains. The main hacks are bicarb soda, salt, & lemon juice!

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Vegan Macadamia Goji Granola Recipe

Granola is a decadent treat and can be pricy if you get the fancy mix with all the best goodies! However, making it at home helps ensure you get all your favourite clusters, spices, & sweetness. Plus it won't break the bank nor will the packaging ever choke a turtle. YAY! 

Most of the ingredients for this recipe I already had at home, because I regularly stock up on bulk spices, seeds, and nuts...

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Vegan Mung Bean Pancake Recipe

I hope to show how LUSH life is when you avoid all the plastic wrapped foods, plastic wrapped sauces, and food in plastic to-go containers. I have to get creative in the kitchen to stay keen on this lifestyle. My tongue likes exotic flavours and fancy, delicious dishes!

This recipe was first taught to me by my Byron Bay housemates Clare, Ebony, & Daini. I was blown away at the concept of savoury pancakes. Here is my take on it...

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Vegan Banana Bread Recipe

We all have our guilty pleasures. Most sinful treats come wrapped in plastic film or packaging, tempting us to pollute the beaches with an easy purchase. Fortunately, most treats are easily made at home with your choice of ingredients to make it as naughty or as nice as you desire. 

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Plastic Free Travel Tips

Traveling can put our plastic commitment to the test! We want to stay healthy, travel light, and relax on our holiday. However, with the right mindset, it can be incredibly enlightening and rewarding....

  • Reusable Drink Bottle: Stainless steel is usually the safest to get through security..... 
  • Reusable cup: Ask the flight attendant to fill this with your beverage of choice. Sometimes they need a bit more of an explanation and sweet talking to avoid the little plastic cups...
  • Snacks in a Jar: I suggest preparing some healthy, yummy snacks, so you are not tempted by the plastic wrapped microwaved...
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If we refuse to eat stuff made from long lists of chemicals, why drench our head in them daily? 

Much like the gut, which needs a balance of healthy bacteria for optimal digestive health, the skin is healthiest when its trillion or s bacteria, or biom, are in balance – not stripped away by soaps, blocked by antiperspirants or killed by antibacterial cleansers...

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MOON CUPS & the exciting adventure away from toxic tampons

tampons, pads, & panty liners are made from plastics, genetically modified & pesticide-rich cotton that is bleached with chemicals known to lead to disease... yet we insert them into our most absorbent, vulnerable, and precious area of our goddess figure. if you're not a moon cup convert, please read & get ready to be over the moon for the cutely named safe & reusable menstrual cup...

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KITCHARI CLEANSE : Warm Porridge for Winter

Fasting, juicing, smoothie cleanses are all trending to detox the bod. In te cooling months of winter, it is good to cleanse our system, so that we do not succumb to heavy foods and put on weight. However, we need a new approach that won't leave us depleted and cold! Kitchari is simple, nutritious, detoxifying, and SO delicious that I actually look forward to my cleanses!

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MAKE YOUR OWN "Superfood" Deodorant Spray

Do It Without Plastics: At home recipes for the stuff we generally buy wrapped in toxins & full of toxins. 


As a superfood is to our diet, so is Magnesium for our overall health.

  • Small Recycled Spray Bottle
  • 1 oz liquid Magnesium Oil
  • 4-6 drops Essential Oil

Mineral salts have been utilized as natural odour blockers for ages. When Magnesium proved to be the best mineral for the smelly job, it made that divine "Magic of the Universe" sort of sense because Magnesium is in fact something most people on the planet are seriously needing more of. It's known as a "master mineral" and a well-kept youthing secret. And the best way to take it? Through the skin.  VOILA. Superfood. For your pits.

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What we can do TODAY to help the REEF:

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders of the world, but marine scientists have concluded93% of the Reef is bleached and the entire system has reached a critical tipping point. However, there is still heaps we can do to save what is left and help restore the reef's health! From small changes in our lives to big steps to push our government to be accountable for this betrayal of the traditional land owners.

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Adventure to Conserve Fiji on a "Mermaid Retreat"

This is a trip for the adventurous of spirit. For women who love the ocean. Who want to make a difference in the world, but perhaps don't know how yet. Who want to learn how to use their VOICE! This is a trip for yogis, for mermaids, for activists, for leaders, for conservationists, for change makers! And if you don't identify with any of those yet, then definitely come along. Let me show you what being a "mermaid" means to me. Join this plastic free lifestyle for your one unique life, but also to amplify your positive ripple! Join me on a Mermaid Retreat in Fiji this July…

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When you quit plastics, you don't necessarily have to quit treats such as Snickers or other goodies wrapped in non-biodegradable plastic that could choke out sea creatures repeatedly for centuries! Today I made (practically) RAW VEGAN SNICKERS BARS. This particular alternative to plastic-wrapped candy is 100% times better for us, since it's all plant-based and almost fully raw. It doesn't take too long to whip up, nor will it last long in your house.

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NSW has installed a 6-month trial of SHARK NETS to reduce the risk of shark encounters on the North Coast of NSW. There are five 150 meter nets stretched across 50 kilometres of beach. Sharks can swim around, over, underneath the shark nets. The death toll of these nets, includes a protected bottlenose dolphin and at Lennox over the holiday period. Whereas 22 people drowned over the 25 day holiday period in NSW. No sharks involved. SHARK NETS MUST STOP.

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