Our aim is to issue you an invitation to try things out and to see if it does good stuff for you.

But perhaps you’d like to ask yourself:

  • Do you find your car fills up with trash?
  • Do you often buy snacks or treats that you later regret?
  • Is your trash at home overflowing with plastics you're not sure if you can recycle?
  • Do you have a takeaway coffee every day?
  • Do you feel like your diet could benefit from fresher foods?
  • Do you often feel unclear? That you’re not always sharp and on-form?
  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Do you wish you spent more time cooking and connected to the food you put in your body?
  • Do you wish you had a garden? 
  • Do you know your local butcher? Dairy Farm? Farmer's Market vendors?
  • Do you drink enough water?

If you ticked yes to most of the above and you have a sneaking suspicion that plastic has snuck into your life under the guise of convenience only to create more dramas in your life, then you might like to take up the invitation and see if quitting plastics makes you feel better. It may be dramas in the waist-line, energy levels, or disconnection from whole foods.