What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is a challenge that can set you up for a more sustainable lifestyle. Do your best to use less plastics all through July & you will likely build some earthy new habits.

Founded in Western Australia in 2011, what began as just a few plastic free frothers has grown to millions of participants across more than 150 countries worldwide today.

Avoiding single-use plastics is easy. Bring your own bag, cup, & bottle. If you forget, GO WITHOUT. Seriously. Practice abstaining. It’s good for you. And it’s just for one month! Do your best. Don’t get judgy on others. No one likes a plastic shamer! 

Whenever ordering a drink, ask the waiter for NO straw. Bring your own Tupperware to the takeaway shops or EAT IN. Become more aware of your consumption, when you engage in an exchange of money for goods, is it wrapped in disposable plastic? Can the wrapping/container be reused? 

Plastic Free July is all about building AWARENESS around your plastic use & creating new ways to live your life with less plastic bullshit filling up your bins & synthetic vibes desecrating your precious organic aura. 

Check in with me via Instagram where I'll be sharing all the plastic free tips, videos, & the occasional LIVE Q&A. Comment anything in particular you need help with or would support your month off plastics. 


Kathryn NelsonComment