HOW Plastics are Making Us FAT, SICK, & INFERTILE

I have long been aware of the negative impacts of plastics on our external environment. After reading Dr. Anthony Jay's book, "Estrogeneration," I was shocked to learn about the devastating health repercussions to our physical persons caused by our collective dependence on plastics. 

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Dr. Anthony Jay wrote "Estrogeneration,"  a book discussing a class of chemicals called "Estrogenics," or Estrogen mimicking chemicals, and how our daily exposures can cause weight-gains, depression, infertility and other long-term and severe health problems. This article is a very brief interpretation of a portion of this important work! Please get a copy and have a read for yourself! 

Anthony has created a list of the top 10 estrogenic chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis. The list is called "The Ill Reproductive System 10 List," because Anthony believes "reproductive infertility is the most significant tragedy relating to these artificial substances."


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A good definition of an "estrogenic" is something that binds or 'sticks' to estrogen receptors in your body.

Our bodies have two major ways of "internal" communication: nerves and hormones. Nerves carry lightning-fast electrical signals where hormones travel slowly through the blood. Estrogen & estrogenics function within the steroid hormone system. Basically, your body creates hormones in one place and sends them out into your blood, the hormones are picked up by receptors in other locations around your body. Estrogen receptors, unlike other hormones, are pretty much spread throughout your entire body, in practically EVERY cell of your body!

Tampering with your body's estrogen levels by using or being exposed to estrogenics, will cause problems throughout your entire body. Estrogenics will not just change your brain, change your fat, change your muscles, change your reproductive organs, it will cause diverse and major problems in every cell of your body.

If you hope to live a long, healthy life with healthy offspring, pay attention! You may be shocked by the ubiquity of harmful chemicals we are exposed to and the horrifying depth of their negative effects. Knowledge is power. Better to know this and take actions to avoid these estrogenics. (SUBSCRIBE to my channel to stay in the loop)

...Now for the TOP 10 LIST...

#1 Phytoestrogens or Plant Estrogenics

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When plants create natural estrogenic chemicals to use for their own growth. A short intro to the impacts of soy consumption on hormones and the reproductive system. Plant estrogenics like lavender, flax, and cannabis are only of concern when the estrogenics present in the plants are condensed and then consumed. Reduce consumption of concentrated oils or smoke of these phytoestrogens.

Flax is almost 4x worse than soy! Anything with processed soy has too much estrogenic content because processing condenses or thickens the phytoestrogen content. 

Kate interviews Dr. Anthony Jay, author of Estrogeneration, which discusses a class of chemicals called "Estrogenics" or Estrogen mimicking chemicals and how our daily exposures can cause weight-gains, depression, infertility and other health problems. 

#2 Mycoestrogens or Fungus Estrogenics

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Mycoestrogen-secreting molds and yeasts are found mostly on food items such as grains, but can also be found on coffee, chocolate, and other food products during processing & storage. The lack of regulation on moldy grains fed to animals destined for meat markets and moldy grains used in human food products! GROSS!

Animals that eat moldy grains can go into heat or into "Estrous." To use deer as an example, the males aren't interested in the females except when they're in heat (in the fall). If they go into heat during strange times of year, the fawns are born in deep snow and die, for example. ZEA or Zearalenone is the only known mycoestrogen and one of the most common mycotoxins mostly contaminating cereals, grains, soybeans, and corn. 16 countries have legal limits for ZEA in food products. The USA is not on this list and has no limit to ZEA on food products.

ZEA causes liver tumor-formations, brain problems, impairment of male reproductive systems. It is hepatotoxic, haematotoxic, immunotoxic, and genotoxic. (Just read all of the TOXIC)

#3 Atrazine or Herbicide Estrogenics

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Atrazine has been completely banned by the European Union since 2004. Currently the second most used herbicide in the US (second only to Round Up aka "glyphosate"). Studies show that Atrazine "chemically castrates frogs even in tiny doses, is an endocrine disruptor, and likely causes birth defects in people." (Brett Hartl, a director at the Centre for Biological Diversity)

#4 Triclosan & APEs (Alkylphenols) or the Soap Estrogenics

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APEs (banned in the European Union and listed as severely restricted toxic substance by China in 2011) are surfactants, which mean they create suds in soaps, so we are exposed to this estrogenic mostly through detergents or soaps. These products are not required to list their ingredients, so they are extremely hard to avoid.

Triclosan is found in many soaps and also toothpastes! Triclosan has been linked to (he even uses the word "causes") spontaneous abortion in humans and mice due to estrogenic properties. Yikes. 


#5  BP (Benzophenone) and 4-MBC (4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor) or Sunscreen Estrogenics

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Anytime you find "phen" or "benz" in a word, BE WARY. It is most likely estrogenic. BP was recently names "Allergen of the Year," yet remains legal in America and Europe. 4-MBC was banned by Europe in 2015. In the US, however, it is legal and corporations own profitable patents on 4-MBC formulations.

These chemicals in your sunscreen penetrate the skin, enter the blood stream, and like all estrogenics, bind or stick to estrogen receptors around the body. These are even more dangerous because the sun's UV light fuses these estrogenic chemicals to the estrogen receptors! Keeping the receptors stuck in the "on" position breaks the on/off switch and can cause longer-term damage. BP is specifically associated with Endometriosis and 4-MBC causes pituitary effects compared to hypothyroidism.

#6 Red Numbers 3 & 40 or Red Food Dye

In one US grocery store, 40% of ALL food items were found to contain Red Number 40, while 78% of the candies contained the dye. In Europe and the UK, products containing Red No. 40 must be labelled with the words "this item may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children."

There is no such law in the states, both estrogenic dyes remain legal and extremely pervasive. The EPA had postponed banning Red no. 3 a total of 26 times by 1985!!! Why? It has long shown to have "major toxic manifestations" indicative of "central nervous system depression" aka your brain and spinal cord! Red No. 3 inhibits dopamine uptake into brain synaptosomal preparations, this led scientists to link a rise in childhood hyperactivity. In 1990 a partial ban came into effect, Red No. 3 can be used in food and drink, but not cosmetics. SHEESH! Red No. 3 literally serves no positive purpose in food and drink except for marketing!

#7 Parabens or Fragrance

Parabens are so pervasively they are actually impossible to avoid. :( Parabens are generally agreed upon by the scientific community to be only "weakly estrogenic," parabens do not bind to the estrogen receptor very tightly. However, we are exposed to far more of these chemicals on a seriously regular basis without much choice. They have fewer health repercussions, but do alter thyroid levels during pregnancy. The European Union has banned several parabens from cosmetic products. The US has banned none.

#8 PHTHALATES or Plastic Additive Estrogenic

Phthalates are chemicals sometimes used in perfumes but mostly as "plasticisers" or chemicals strategically added during the plastic making process to increase plastic clarity, flexibility, and durability. Importantly, phthalates are not the main ingredient in plastics, instead they sit in "molecular cracks" similar to salt added to food or something like glitter! Just like glitter, you can't get rid of phthalates. They just release into food and liquids upon contact. Even worse is that phthalates are used in medical equipment.

Phthalates have been associated with a number of serious health problems including infertility, testicular dysgenesis, obesity, asthma, allergies, and even long-term attention deficit disorder in children.

In 2014, scientists found that US infants far exceeded the EPA's maximum threshold phthalate levels in blood tests. Infants! Phthalates have been found in literally every single US food group scientists have tested. Especially hazardous levels were found in cooking oils and dairy products. High phthalate levels in urine have been linked to breast cancer. Phthalates are found in all the plastics, perfumes, new car, contact lenses, food containers, etc. Levels rise as you microwave or heat your food in plastics. While many Pthalates are considered "restricted substances," the US continues to downplay the health concerns. Some phthalates are restricted in children's toys, but they are still allowed up to 0.1%!

#9 Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bisphenol S (BPS) or Plastic Estrogenic

Bisphenol is the main ingredient of plastic, where phthalates get added in as the secondary ingredient to give the plastic different characteristics. Bisphenol A and Bisphenol S are extremely similar, both are estrogenic and hazardous to your health. Yet plastics made using BPS can technically be labeled "BPA-Free." I will refer to these Bisphenols as BPA for simplicity sake, BPA molecules need to link up with other BPA molecules to form a plastic, unfortunately, there are always unlinked molecules, which is why it leaches out. BPA is "lipophilic" or fat loving, so things like oil that are stored in BPA are more contaminated than water based solutions. BPA is STRONGLY estrogenic, even at extremely low doses.

In 2012 the FDA banned BPA from baby bottles, but then never really executed or enforced their ban. The FDA is currently declaring certain levels of BPA in canned foods, baby items, etc. as perfectly acceptable. When states ban BPA, many corporations turn around and slightly modify BPA and continue producing a product just as unhealthy or worse than the original product. UGH.

Linked health impacts are hyperactivity in children, accelerates ageing, shortens worms lifespan

#10 EE2 (17a-Ethinylestradiol) or the Birth Control Estrogenic

One of the only estrogens we take orally knowing it will alter our hormones as it mimics estrogen in our blood stream. Over 100 million women worldwide are on chemical contraceptives containing EE2, despite the known and substantial health risks, which include cervival erosion, colitis, loss of scalp hair, pancreatitis, vomiting, cysts, hemmorhage eruption, etc.

What can we do? Watch for how we remove these unwanted estrogenic chemical build up in our precious bodies!

Thanks for watching. Be sure to get a copy of Estrogeneration to dive deeper into this massive issue and fully educate yourself about what is happening to your body on a regular basis!

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