An Ode to Oneness

i am the divine.

we are all one.

intricate web of synergy

all bowing to the sun

we breathe the wind!

we drink the streams!

our nourishment blossoms from rich earth! 

a planet built from wizard dreams.


the more we breathe

the more we listen

our body tunes, our heart falls in 

to nature’s rhythm 

the mind quiets

the ego settles

we surrender to the poetry

in the dew-kissed petals


organic as morning

we open to what is all around

spirits drawn to our reverence

offer guidance profound

we slow our pace

open sovereign eyes

grow ever sensitive, as we witness 

our collective ecocide

our experience of this life

is ours for the making

we can buy stuff, build walls

we can grow plants, dance naked

worship in temples

of tall trees and salt water 

send prayers of love with our actions

that honour each other

we can take we can take

we can give we can give

there is much we can do 

she can still forgive

as our brothers and sisters

wake up to the magic

reach out for their hand 

—or fin—if they’re pelagic

we are all one

each is the divine.

and to lift up each other

raises the baseline

you are spirit.

i am you.

shine and sparkle your unique spells

cast them upon society’s rigid voodoo

i am spirit.

you are me.

can we remember our nature?

we. shall. see.


Photos by Sarah Lee