The Truth About Your Take-Aways

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DID YOU KNOW? Coffee cup lids are made of POLYSTYRENE!! This is plastic #6 and is known to LEACH STYRENE, the newest member on the US List of CARCINOGENS. 

Skip the cappuccino with a dash of chemicals and bring your own cup. 

If you’re still building the habit, skip the plastic lid and go #toplessforthesea 

Plastic chemical leaching (in this case, Styrene) increases with hotter temperature & with “fatty” foods. Leaching is when the main ingredient or additive chemicals transfer over from plastic containers or plastic packaging to the food or beverage. 

M O R E : Polystyrene plastic is made from petrochemicals. Polystyrene comes as food packaging in two forms, rigid & foam. The rigid form is used for clear food containers, plates, bowls, beverage cups & lids, utensils, & straws. The foam form (styrofoam) is used for plates, insulated beverage cups and bowls, clamshell food containers, & trays. Styrene is a neurotoxin & carcinogen. Stay away at all costs!

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Ever since attending the Beyond Plastic Pollution Conference, I do my best to package my food in metal or glass. ESPECIALLY hot food or fatty foods. I learned from the incredible scientists that the chemicals in plastic container are likely to transfer some toxins to foods but in such small doses, it isn’t a worry. UNLESS the food is hot or fatty!

In that case, a higher chemical dose is likely to slide out into the food or beverage!  This may not be significant in one hit, but if you are constantly eating and drinking from plastic containers, long term exposure could start to have a negative impact! Noodles with a side of toxins? Chemicals in your coffee? I prefer not to take chances!

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The benefits of bringing your own bowl, cup, spoon, jar, etc are too many to ignore! Such as preventing turtles from choking on plastics, to saving you with a BYO discount, to extra portions because your bowl is giant, and of course your health and well-being

GET CREATIVE! No excuse for single use.