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Going Plastic Free as an individual is tough. Trying to de-waste an entire restaurant with heaps of needy humans coming & going all day would be a nightmare! Hats off to the business owners experimenting and getting creative to reduce their impact. I evaluate a local cafe & give my opinion on their sustainable efforts!

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Ban the Bag NSW - Rally & Media Release

Our message read clear: we want NSW to join the rest of Australia in banning single use plastic bags.

More than one million single-use plastic bags are used every minute! Every year approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. Over the last ten years Australian state environment ministers have pondered legislation to ban single-use plastic bags, in this time over 1.2 billion have ended up in the litter stream. Even as you are reading this, 7,150 plastic bags are going to “landfill.”

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What we can do TODAY to help the REEF:

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders of the world, but marine scientists have concluded93% of the Reef is bleached and the entire system has reached a critical tipping point. However, there is still heaps we can do to save what is left and help restore the reef's health! From small changes in our lives to big steps to push our government to be accountable for this betrayal of the traditional land owners.

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NSW has installed a 6-month trial of SHARK NETS to reduce the risk of shark encounters on the North Coast of NSW. There are five 150 meter nets stretched across 50 kilometres of beach. Sharks can swim around, over, underneath the shark nets. The death toll of these nets, includes a protected bottlenose dolphin and at Lennox over the holiday period. Whereas 22 people drowned over the 25 day holiday period in NSW. No sharks involved. SHARK NETS MUST STOP.

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Buy Old Stuff: Kill Fast Fashion Before it Kills Our Planet

We might have our panties in a bunch because Trump doesn’t believe in climate change, but the truth is, those panties are one of the greatest contributors to climate change! From growing textile fibres to moving fabrics around the world, making our clothes sadly fuels this global climate crisis...

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Hundreds of mermaids per year get tangled in disposable plastic bags. Make it stop.

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