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Climate Panic? Learn 3 Simple Ways to REGENERATE the Planet

I really like Earth, so here’s my understanding of a few climate solutions that lifted my spirit immensely.

Basically the plan to help with the current climate emergency is two-fold. One, stop putting more carbon into the atmosphere by switching over to clean, renewable energy sources. Two, commodotize the carbon in the atmosphere and draw that shit back down to Earth. YES, possible and YES, happening.

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Even Though Recycling is a LIE - Why We Cannot Stop

The coverage of the recycling myth is to bring awareness & put pressure on the governments to clean up their act. We must keep recycling. In fact our recycling must be more pristine than ever, so that when Australia, when the US, when the collective “global north” finally decide to recycle domestically they will have warehouses full of immaculate resources ready to be made into recycled swimwear and running shoes.

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Vocab Lesson : Regerative > Sustainable


Use ‘regenerative’ instead of ‘sustainable’. Why? Sustainable practices, by definition, seek to maintain the same, whereas regenerative practices recognise that natural systems are currently impacted and it applies management techniques to restore the system to improved productivity. Is what we have right now working for humans and the planet? Is it worth sustaining? NO. So we need to redesign systems to be regenerative…

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Environmentalists Are Just Everyone Who Are Not Earth Rapists

How strange when people talk about ‘the environment.’ How odd that something we are so inextricably connected with can be discussed as separate from us. As if we do not breathe the atmosphere. Inhale and exhale like all the plants and the trees and the animals and insects. As if we do not require sunshine. As if the water we drink daily does not fall from the sky or well up from the earth. We speak of the environment as ‘an issue’ to debate, prioritising extraction and turning eyes off pollution...

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HOW Plastics are Making Us FAT, SICK, & INFERTILE

If you needed another reason to quit plastics, look no further. This is review of Dr. Anthony Jay’s Top 10 Ill Reproductive System Estrogenic Chemicals that our bodies are subjected to every day. Two of the ten are plastics. The health impacts are drastic, devastating, and long-lasting. Read sitting down, you may never be the same.

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THE SEABIN PROJECT : Interview with Pete Ceglinski, Managing Director

The Seabin is an automated rubbish bin that catches floating rubbish, oil, fuel, and detergents. It is designed for floating docks in the water of marinas, private pontoons, inland waterways, residential lakes, harbours, water ways, ports and yacht clubs. The founders successfully crowdfunded to launch the Seabin into production for the marinas of the world! As a mermaid, I naturally had a few questions for the surfed-out Aussie blokes...

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