Going Plastic Free as an individual is tough. Trying to de-waste an entire restaurant with heaps of needy humans coming & going all day would be a nightmare! Hats off to the business owners experimenting and getting creative to reduce their impact. I evaluate a local cafe & give my opinion on their sustainable efforts!

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Ban the Bag NSW - Rally & Media Release

Our message read clear: we want NSW to join the rest of Australia in banning single use plastic bags.

More than one million single-use plastic bags are used every minute! Every year approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. Over the last ten years Australian state environment ministers have pondered legislation to ban single-use plastic bags, in this time over 1.2 billion have ended up in the litter stream. Even as you are reading this, 7,150 plastic bags are going to “landfill.”

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Natural Stain Removal, Clothing Whitener, & Plastic Free Laundry Hacks

While I grew up with it, I have honestly found plastic bottles of BLEACH on beaches. F THAT.

Now I use strong, NATURAL chemicals to whiten my clothes and remove stains. The main hacks are bicarb soda, salt, & lemon juice!

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MOON CUPS & the exciting adventure away from toxic tampons

If you are not a "moon cup" user, please read & get ready to be over the moon for the cutely named safe & reusable menstrual cup...

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Our Local Rules to Recycle Right

Recycling is confusing. My gorgeous town has created 12 helpful rules for how we can sort our recycling to make the whole process more efficient. The less trash in our recycling bin, the more raw materials get recovered. Have a read. Suggest to your local council!

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When Clark Foam, who had the monopoly on US surfboard blanks, closed suddenly due to pressure from the Environmental Protection Agency in 2005...the market was opened up to anyone with a bit of motivation and big dreams. Boards made from mushrooms to cork were popping on the scene, but it's recycled styrofoam that turned my head...

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THE SEABIN PROJECT : Interview with Pete Ceglinski, Managing Director

The Seabin is an automated rubbish bin that catches floating rubbish, oil, fuel, and detergents. It is designed for floating docks in the water of marinas, private pontoons, inland waterways, residential lakes, harbours, water ways, ports and yacht clubs. The founders successfully crowdfunded to launch the Seabin into production for the marinas of the world! As a mermaid, I naturally had a few questions for the surfed-out Aussie blokes...

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