Pisces Full Moon September 2019

PISCES FULL MOON MUSINGS: Honour your true feelings

I pulled a card that said this on the weekend whilst hosting my dear sister’s hens high tea & goddess circle by the sea. I have been pretty thrown off this past week as I had a medical situation that affected my hormones & shifted my menstrual cycle away from the new moon. The full moon called me out of bed & in the dead of night welcomed me back to connection with the full radiance of this massive cosmic orbiting rock reflecting our closest star’s light and illuminating all of our darkness—if we allow space to witness.

In the illuminations of the moonlight and in the sacred circles I sat with sisters, clarity flowed as I created space for what is present for me right now.

There is nothing more natural than what we feel.

Our physical body communicates our hunger, sleepiness, pain, energy, desires. Our heart communicates emotions. Our spirit calls us to step up. Time to sharpen our energetic sensitivities to more clearly hear the guidance from within. 

No time to diminish or bottle these messages, our emotions, no time to be small or take up less space for fear of judgment or criticism. Hold space for our own selves—so we show up in full power, full love, in juicy rich grounded FULLNESS for this experience of life. 

When it feels sticky/confusing, GO INTO THAT. Hold space for the weird, present to all that comes up. Breathe deep to reconnect to higher self. Hold space for the scales balancing b/w higher self & human experience. Put energy into people & projects that lift you up. Leave any situation that is out of alignment or does not feel good. No time for bullshit anymore. 

Don’t let the rigid masculine societal systems that are crumbling under our growing consciousness & love cut you down, make you small, squish you into a box of what’s normal or right or accepted. Don’t be tricked by narrow labels, STAY OPEN. Open to the messages from YOU. 

Stay present to your feelings, your truth, the LOVE we cultivate WITHIN is our every lasting elixir of life. In owning our truth, in owning our magic, in owning all our emotions & taking up all of the space we do, in cultivating the LOVE within—we tap into infinite energy for this human experience. The more we show up in true integrity, the more authentically we live each moment, the more we become a channel for higher consciousness to flow through. The more organically, naturally, easily this all flows. We are trustworthy & can cultivate more genuine beautiful evolved conscious connections. We grow.

It is time to start holding all of our life experience with love & compassion. We can own what happens to us, be responsible for ourselves, be present to all we feel, avoid projecting on others. Showing up grounded, having done the work on self, so we can hold ALL that we are calling in and manifesting. So we show up in full power, full love, in rich juicy embodied FULLNESS for this experience of life.

We are so blessed to have innate wisdom within each of us, guiding us on our highest & best path.

Cultivate a practice…

Just like any practice, the more we create space & time for the intuition, the more we will hear it, the more we will follow it, the stronger the connection.

That little voice, not the shouting ego. The voice, or the knowing, or the gut feeling. We have this source of wisdom, an inner counsellor that guides.

If you cannot hear this, find this, I welcome you to practice taking a PAUSE in situations that feel unclear or where you are not sure the answer to this question: What is the next best action for my soul’s journey?

PAUSE, step away, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, feel the earth beneath your feet—supporting you, one hand on your belly, one hand on your heart, connect in to what is right for you, LISTEN for guidance. Follow this. Honour your feelings. Honour your truths. Honour your guides. Practice honouring them by holding your boundaries. Hold space for what is true for you.

Nothing is more natural than the truth that flows from within us.

Create ritual to connect more to this truth. To your guides . Your intuition. Perhaps sitting quietly in meditation, or running/dancing/yoga to shift the energy & free the mind, or writing thoughts/feelings to gain clarity.

Give yourself an energetic love shower. Take your hands to your heart or up to the sky & charge up your hands with energy, bring your hands hovering just an inch above your head & bring them around your body giving yourself an energetic bath, a cleansing healing shower of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Hovering over any spots that need extra love & healing. We have one body, one lifetime, one chance to show up in as much vibrancy & magic & lead the life of our dreams RIGHT NOW in this present moment.

The full moon called me out in the dark of night to help illuminate all that hides in the shadow. Helped me reconnect to my higher path as I felt caught with lower-level human bullshit.

The moon called me out to witness the cosmic wonder. To reconnect me to the magic of the universe. To remember how small and insignificant, to remember how boundless and powerful and infinite, to release the limitations of this world or lifetime, and to step up into the light. Even in the bright energy of this moon, the watery pisces moon that pulls hard on the tides of the seas and our emotional oceans, we allow the massive ebbing and flowing of our emotions. When it feels too much, when the world feels out of balance, when our energy feels off—we go in search of our inner truths, our self compass, we ask for guidance, look within for feelings, hold space for spirit, melt into a deep practice of self-love,

AHO PISCES FULL MOON. Moon of great swelling emotional tides. AHO MOON for illuminating all of the feels. AHO for reminding me to show up with compassion for others and myself because we need MORE LOVE in this world, in this “dark time in history, we need light, love, and more of us dropping into our heart space, listening to our inner guidance, following our HIGHER paths. Our unique soul’s journey.

AHO full moon. Stay present my dears. Sharpen our energetic and spiritual sensitivity. Honour every message that we receive.

Kathryn NelsonComment