#PlasticFreeJuly Guidebook & Peptalk

Welcome to the entire month where we boycott plastics.

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Think of the message we are sending this month to product manufacturers.
When we leave the plastic on the shelves.

Imagine the economic impact.
When not one of us buys plastic wrappers, bottles, or packaging.

This month we vote with our dollars.

Plastic is ubiquitous because we were told it makes our life easier, more convenient. It packages our food to keep it “fresh” and our products because it’s light-weight. This was true at first. And in many applications it still certainly makes things easier—in the short term. We now know that convenience is catching up with us. In more ways than one.

We’ve all seen the horrifying plastic pollution plaguing our planet.


We are realising that recycling of plastics never worked.

Gradually evidence is coming out showing how plastics leach and contaminate our food and products, and slowly poison our bodies.

How do we stop this at the root of the problem?

We demand better packaging, systems that allow us to bring reusables, stores that offer refills.

We vote against single-use plastics when we do not buy it. We vote for the better option with our dollar.

One whole month of us supporting local makers, naked foods, regenerative farmers, OR just saying “no thanks” on plastics for this month.

So that’s your pep talk.

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Let us make our boycott on plastics be felt. Recruit your friends, set up an accountability team, & set a prize for who makes it the whole month.

If you tag #plasticfree🧜🏼‍♀️ along the way, at the end of the month I will have a contest for biggest #plasticfreejuly effort with prizes for the winner. So track your ups & downs! You don’t have to be perfect, just doing your best to win! #plasticfree🧜🏼‍♀️

Quitting plastics isn’t always completely doable if you don’t have access to bulk food or farmer’s markets. Or if you’ve got a big fam or little time. Please share your version. Telling your authentic story is important for us to have an inclusive, wide perspective on this issue AND it allows us to tighten our community through supporting each other! Do your best & be sure to comment where you need help.


Be sure to download my FREE Plastic Free July Guidebook!

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