Shampoo & Conditioner Solutions

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As I travel & stay with pals, I have been trying out plastic-packed shampoos & conditioners to see how they feel in my mermaid mane. I am not a fan, alas these bottles are the NORM, this is what we are told to buy, these products are what we know as our hair routine options. I challenge this. 

First because of the irresponsible packaging that lasts a few months on the shower shelf & freaking ten centuries in the environment. Second, because of the simple, natural, cheap, effective alternatives. Third, because of the results of my experiments: I have tried a range of products, all packed in plastic bottles, tubes, or tubs. From designer to cheap. All had a fragrance that lingered suspiciously, most left my hair limp & coated; causing it to acquire oil sooner & require a wash sooner. CONSPIRACY!!

They WOULD want us to use more shampoo! These shampoos & conditioners often create build up of crap on the hair & can cause breakage. Look, do your own research on what’s IN your bottles. I prefer skipping the plastic packaging & doing

I wash my hair 3-4x a week. I alternate shampoo bars (pictured), a liquid shampoo I bought BULK from The Source Bulk Foods & a mix of bicarb soda + water. SUPER simple. Does a great job of cleaning the scalp.

You can also check out the various shampoo bars. I recommend  dulseanddrugosa they are making luxurious shampoo bars! Wrapped in paper AND delivered in paper.  Made with ocean-love by mother & daughter. They even have a "Ramblin bar" that serves as all purpose: shave, shampoo, condition, wash, etc. for the simple life or travel times! Thanks Claire & Carly

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Conditioner: I find conditioner bars often tangle my hair more than they help, so I just use apple cider vinegar + water. It’s so easy! I store this in a bottle in the shower, I pour it around the crown of my head, tossle my hair, & rinse. You can add in some essential oils to help with the smell. 
This is not the normal thick gel that we are used to for washing our hair. But these work great for cleaning our hair. If that is your objective, try these alternatives. 
If you love the experience of fragrance & sudsy bubbles, you may have a harder time phasing out the typical shower pack. Try to wash less, use less so it goes further, or pop a shampoo bar in the rotation to slow down the redundancy of the plastic bottles. It’s a sacrifice in your routine that will help the Earth!

If you have a great recipe for shampoo or conditioner you love, please comment below!