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The Specifics on Our Problem with Plastic

Ingested microplastic particles can physically damage organs and leach hazardous chemicals. Plastics are a trifecta of toxic when it comes to leaching. They are made up of base ingredients, such as the infamous hormone-disrupting bisphenol A (BPA). Then there are the chemicals that are added to the base plastic during production to give it various characteristics (hard, soft, malleable, translucent,etc)…

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HOW Plastics are Making Us FAT, SICK, & INFERTILE

If you needed another reason to quit plastics, look no further. This is review of Dr. Anthony Jay’s Top 10 Ill Reproductive System Estrogenic Chemicals that our bodies are subjected to every day. Two of the ten are plastics. The health impacts are drastic, devastating, and long-lasting. Read sitting down, you may never be the same.

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