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If we refuse to eat stuff made from long lists of chemicals, why drench our head in them daily? 

Much like the gut, which needs a balance of healthy bacteria for optimal digestive health, the skin is healthiest when its trillion or s bacteria, or biom, are in balance – not stripped away by soaps, blocked by antiperspirants or killed by antibacterial cleansers...

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MOON CUPS & the exciting adventure away from toxic tampons

If you are not a "moon cup" user, please read & get ready to be over the moon for the cutely named safe & reusable menstrual cup...

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Our Local Rules to Recycle Right

Recycling is confusing. My gorgeous town has created 12 helpful rules for how we can sort our recycling to make the whole process more efficient. The less trash in our recycling bin, the more raw materials get recovered. Have a read. Suggest to your local council!

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Building awareness of my trash, by boycotting "away" & throwing it in a jar instead.  An inventory of “Kate’s Trash” jar reveals a shocking performance for a plastic free mermaid! Clockwise from bottom left: 1. Plastic Cup (from a gig at the beach hotel...

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Buy Old Stuff: Kill Fast Fashion Before it Kills Our Planet

We might have our panties in a bunch because Trump doesn’t believe in climate change, but the truth is, those panties are one of the greatest contributors to climate change! From growing textile fibres to moving fabrics around the world, making our clothes sadly fuels this global climate crisis...

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Hundreds of mermaids per year get tangled in disposable plastic bags. Make it stop.

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