Today I toured the workshop of Louise Hardman, CEO of Plastic Collective and inventor of the "Shruder;" a plastic shredder and extruder. Louise collects various single-use plastics, separates them by type of resin, shreds them, and then presses them into molds or extrudes them into useful items.

Visualize tons of these small machines shredding & recycling all the pesky plastics all over the world!

Plastic Collective can even recycle PLA (Polylactic Acid) or plant-based plastics commonly referred to as bioplastics. Which I love to hate. Hate is a strong word! I dissuade peeps from using bioplastics as they are still single-use plastics that will not biodegrade in a bush for a century, will not biodegrade in your backyard compost, will not biodegrade in the common industrial composts that collect our green waste.

They WILL biodegrade in just four hours in a compost that reaches 60 degrees Celsius for four hours. These are super RARE. Thus, most end up in landfill. Hence my distaste for this greenwashed ‘alternative’ to single-use plastics! Fortunately, Louise collects these PLA plastics.

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