Weaponise Your Privilege

This is privilege.

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Showing up to witness the trash and being able to leave. Knowing the mounds and piles of plastic have been shipped over to clutter the children’s path to school, to cover the donkey’s grazing ground, to be picked through and burned.


It is privilege to sit back and point the finger at Indonesia and Phillipines as top sources of plastic pollution. When the citizens are sifting through trash with labels from @traderjoes & @woolworths_au 

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It is privilege to throw trash ‘away’ and not have to wonder where that is. It is privilege to have a recycling bin and to trust the service that swings by to collect the resources. It is privilege if your streets are clean and grass is green.

It is privilege to shop plastic-free. It is privilege to shop at farmers markets. Privilege to have access to jars and time to make diy products and energy to prep zero waste meals.

I smile here ironically. I smile to juxtapose our awareness against our actions. Our reality versus theirs.


I don’t mention this to guilt or shame. I mention this to inspire you to use this advantage you may find yourself having. Or as indigenous climate activist Zac Romagnoli-Townsend said at @newkindfestival “weaponise your privilege.” Do not waste it. Do all you can with your privilege and place in this world to better humanity and our one, our only, our threatened planet.