How to Start A Mug Library

A mug library is a stash of mugs at the cafe, which customers can access as an alternative to plastic-lined takeaway coffee cups and plastic lids. Neither of which get recycled. All of which are single-use. Thus, hugely wasteful and fortunately, completely avoidable!

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Plastic Free Pasta Made From ANYTHING You Can Peel

Noodles are delicious. Most of the time pasta is packaged in plastic, so us plastic-free folk have to abstain from the traditional pasta dishes--unless you find it in a bulk foods store. On top of my resolve, I remind myself it is full of carbs! Not fresh! Typically not vegan.  

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For as long as we can remember, we have sent our plastic recyclables to CHINA. 

July 2017 China announced they no longer wanted to be the “world’s garbage dump." 

1 Jan 2018 China stopped importing 24 types of solid waste. Mostly plastics.

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