The lack of transparency in the global recycling market is staggering.

Exporters often do not know the real fate of the materials they ship or have information on the environmental or social performance of reprocessing facilities. Many times what’s sent is not even recyclable and ends up in landfills and incinerators. Despite this, many global north countries still count exports towards recycling targets. Do you need to read that again?

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HOW Plastics are Making Us FAT, SICK, & INFERTILE

If you needed another reason to quit plastics, look no further. This is review of Dr. Anthony Jay’s Top 10 Ill Reproductive System Estrogenic Chemicals that our bodies are subjected to every day. Two of the ten are plastics. The health impacts are drastic, devastating, and long-lasting. Read sitting down, you may never be the same.

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How to Start A Mug Library

A mug library is a stash of mugs at the cafe, which customers can access as an alternative to plastic-lined takeaway coffee cups and plastic lids. Neither of which get recycled. All of which are single-use. Thus, hugely wasteful and fortunately, completely avoidable!

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