Mermaid Retreats

Life is short. BE A MERMAID.

Join me in Western Australia for one week of yoga, swimming with whale sharks in their natural habitat and learning to lessen our plastic impact. 

EXMOUTH •  7 Day Retreat•  18 - 24 July 2018

This is a long weekend adventure ideal for mermaids keen to take their love for their ocean to the next level. The marine environment in this area is teeming with life and the water is crystal clear. We will take boats out to where the whale sharks play to ignite our awe and enjoy the magic of the incredibly diverse marine eco system. We will also reflect on our experience and channel our love and inspiration towards positive action for our oceans and future. With our intentions clear, we will meditate, eat light, vegan Ayurvedic food, and practice yoga in order to open our hearts, minds, and bodies to guidance and intuition. We will create plastic free recipes and learn tips to reduce our impact. 



  • Afternoon • Book the 2:35 pm flight from Perth • Airport Transfer to our Accommodation • Get settled • Opening Circle • Yoga & Meditation
  • Evening • Formal Introductions, Plastics Discussion, Intention Setting • Welcome Dinner 


  • Morning • Vinyasa Yoga • Morning Meditation • Breakfast • Adventure to Turquoise Bay for snorkels & a hike
  • Midday• Lunch • Plastic Free Day Spa Workshop: Toothpaste, Deodorant, Shampoo & Conditioner, Face Scrub, Face Mask • 
  • Evening • Dinner • Whale Shark Manifestation Meditation


  • Morning • Yoga • Meditation • Breakfast • Expedition to seek & swim with Whale Sharks
  • Evening • Arrival back to Mermaid House • Dinner • Optional Restorative Yoga 


  • Morning • Big Juicy Vinyasa Yoga • Morning Meditation • Breakfast 
  • Midday • Plastic Free Kitchen Workshop: Make Crunchy Granola & Ayurvedic Kitchari; Learn Kate's Fav Recipes (Bread, Crackers, Chips, Dips, Pasta, etc.); Discussion on Shopping & Storage • Picnic Lunch Spread
  • Evening •  Goddess Meditation at the ocean • Dinner with Cape Conservation Volunteers 


  • Morning • Yoga • Meditation • Home-made Granola Breakfast • Expedition to seek & swim with Whale Sharks 
  • Evening • Dinner (Optional in Town) • Gratitude Meditation • Heart Opening Sharing Circle


  • Morning • Vinyasa Yoga • Morning Meditation • Breakfast • Beach Clean & Swim
  • Midday • Lunch • Leadership & Empowerment Workshop
  • Evening • Sunset at the Lighthouse • Farewell Dinner • Intention Manifestation & Closing Goddess Circle


  • Morning• Vinyasa Yoga • Mini Mermaid Meditation to keep Rippling Outward!
  • Midday •  Farewell • Shuttles to Airport for 11:30am


In order to have as much time as possible in the water with whale sharks, our itinerary will be fluid as the ocean. All activities will be enjoyed, but the order may be rearranged as we do not plan to force nature in anyway. We are also not guaranteed to see any wildlife in the water, we are at nature's will, so will be banking up our ocean karma through conservation to maximise our snorkel luck. <3 Please only strong swimmers need apply.  BOOKINGS CLOSE 20 MAY. Limited spots remaining.

Accommodation is shared rooms. If you would like to pay extra for a private room, please get in contact ASAP through the booking form at the bottom of the page.

(These prices does not include flights or travel to Exmouth.)

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I am IN! I just need a month or so to collect sand dollars & get my shells in a row!

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