02: What even is Break Free From Plastic? with Emma Priestland

Imagine a world free from plastic. Wonderful isn’t it?

Our vision of a plastic-free world is possible and it’s slowly happening. There are many amazing people working hard to make this happen and one of them is Emma!

Emma is a Plastic Pollution Campaigner at Friends of the Earth. I met her from the Break Free from Plastic Global Leadership meeting and she’s here to talk about her involvement with Break Free from Plastic and the work that they’re doing to reduce single-use plastic.  

In this episode, we talk about the Break Free from Plastic campaign and the future of plastic pollution. Emma will also share what Break Free from plastic is all about, their strategies and how it plays a big role in tackling plastic problems around the world.


In this Episode, We Discuss:

  • How Emma got involved with the Break Free from Plastic movement

  • Emma’s amazing experience at the 1st Break Free from Plastic meeting held in Tagaytay, Philippines

  • Foundational strategies on how to tackle the problem with plastics

  • Legislations that support less plastic usage

  • Brand audit and how it is impacting big corporations to rethink their approach with plastic and ultimately change their ways


Get to know Emma:

Emma Priestland is a Plastic Pollution Campaigner at Friends of the Earth, a unique network of campaigning local groups, working in over 200 communities throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Learn more about the work that Friends at Earth is doing here


Connect with Emma:


Resources Mentioned:



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