03: Indonesian Scientist turned Radical Diaper Activist with Prigi Arisandi


In Indonesia, locals use rivers for washing, bathing, and drinking. But many are unaware of how contaminated the water is due to industrial waste from industrial factories and irresponsible dumping. The river water is so polluted, eating fish from it can cause food poisoning and even death!

To stop pollution from flowing into the Indian rivers, Prigi an Indonesian scientist turned radical environmental activist, made it his mission and purpose to make the river water clean and let other people know the real situation and problem that they are currently facing.

In this episode, Prigi talks about how he and his community are dealing with the river problem in Indonesia. He shares how he conducted their own scientific research and publicizing it through the media. Because Prigi cherishes the river where he grew up, he learned how to communicate with the locals and other people to take part in the solution.

He conducted further research on the river and uncovered the effects it has on the lives of the people living near it. Since then, he has dedicated his life to cleaning it up and bring clean water to the people of Indonesia.


In this Episode, We Discuss:

  • What inspired Prigi to take action over the industrial pollution that is massively affecting the rivers in India

  • Pressuring the government to make a water treatment plan through the media

  • How a local superstition over plastic diapers is harming the Indian rivers

  • Fish census and fish sex

  • Prigi’s purpose and calling

  • Small things equate to big ones when combined


Get to know Prigi:

Prigi Arisandi is an Indonesian biologist and environmentalist. He graduated in biology from the Airlangga University. He was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2011, for his efforts on reducing industrial pollution of the Surabaya River


Connect with Prigi:


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