04: Starting ZERO WASTE CITIES in Small Fishing Villages in the Phillipines with Froilan Grate


The Philippines is one of the many countries around Asia that continue to struggle in managing non-recyclable waste or single-use plastics such as sachets. To address this problem, environmental groups insist that such waste shouldn’t be addressed through a linear waste management approach, but through Zero Waste management system.

In this episode, Asia Pacific Coordinator for GAIA, Froilan Grate is here with me today to share his knowledge about the zero-waste cities program and how it can help a city or a country manage its waste properly. He also talks about how multi corporations like Nestlé and Unilever (who are responsible for the plastic pollution crisis) should change the way they do business because there are better alternatives that cater to a lesser waste lifestyle for the people and the environment.


In this Episode, We Discuss:

  • How Froilan’s journey to zero waste started

  • Sanitary landfills

  • What is the Zero-Waste Cities program?

  • The difference between a waste picker and a waste worker

  • NIMBY and the power of empowered people

  • Expanding the Zero-Waste cities program to other countries

Get to know Froilan:

Froilan is the Asia Pacific Coordinator for GAIA, the global incinerator for alternatives.He is an environmental educator, consumer rights advocate, runner, and backpacker. He’s very passionate against the use of plastic and hasn’t used a single plastic drinking straw or shopping bag for than 10 years!


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