05: Circular Economy & Mushrooms with Julian Mitchell


Join me today as we talk about mushrooms with Julian Mitchell, one of the co-founders of Life Cykel, an evolutionary mushroom biotech company that uses waste and mushrooms to create healthy medicinal products and technologies! Now, doesn’t that sound amazing!?

In this episode, not only will you learn that mushrooms are good for you, you’ll also learn about its amazing healing powers that benefit us and our planet. Julian will also talk about the wonderful things you never knew about this magic fungus! He also shares his thoughts about a circular economy and how it’s going to help us live a more plastic-free and sustainable life!

This is an interesting episode you probably want to listen till the end as Julian drops some of his mushroom jokes!

In this Episode, We Discuss:

  • What is Life Cykel all about and how it started

  • Mushroom evolution and mushroom growing

  • Medicinal mushrooms and its benefits

  • Revolutionizing the food industry and decentralizing mushrooms that grow in Australia

  • Practicing gratitude

Get to know Julian:

Julian Mitchell is the co-founder of Life Cykel, an Australian mycelium biotechnology company that engineers positive solutions to real-world problems. He is passionate about health and sustainability that he started Life Cykel after learning that it is possible to grow mushrooms by recycling coffee grounds. And he greatly believes that mushrooms can help shape a sustainable future that we all dream of!

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