07: This At-Home Beehive Hit their crowdfunding Goal of $70k in 7 Minutes with Cedar Anderson


Beekeeping is becoming more popular today. Keeping your own bees is indeed appealing but the messy process of harvesting honey can stop you from actually doing it. Harvesting honey can really make you as “busy as a bee”, not only is it messy but you’re also disturbing the bees.

If you want to experience the joy of harvesting pure, unprocessed honey minus the mess - Cedar Anderson, the co-founder and inventor of Flow Hive has the solution for that!

Join me today as Cedar and I talk about Flow Hive, a revolutionary beehive invention that harvests fresh honey without opening the beehive, making it easier for the beekeeper and the bees! 

In this episode, Cedar is going to share his story on how they reached their crowdfunding goal of $70k in just 7 minutes! He also talks about how beekeeping can help you be more connected to nature in a larger way. Moreover, we also touch the topic of sustainable business and how to scale it. 

If you’re new to beekeeping or have been doing it for a longer time, then you probably need to check out Flow Hive! 

In this Episode, We Discuss:

  • The Flow Hive campaign crowdfunding and how they reached their crowdfunding goal

  • What is Flow Hive and the story behind it

  • How Flow Hive is inspiring others to become beekeepers

  • The biggest challenge in scaling for Cedar and his team

  • Upcycling waste into a product

  • Looking after our planet: A call to action!

Get to know Cedar:

Cedar Anderson and his father Stuart is the father-son inventors behind the revolutionary beehive called Flow Hive! Their family has been in the beekeeping business for three generations and Cedar is a 3rd generation beekeeper.

Because he felt bad about crushing bees during the honey harvest and hated being stung. Then having to spend a whole week harvesting, he and his father have been finding ways on how to harvest honey with less stress on the bees and the beekeeper.

Fast forward, Flow Hive was created and is now making beekeeping more enjoyable and fun!


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