08: California’s Government is Banning Plastics Faster than we can Invent Alternatives with Michael Doshi

“We must work towards a world where plastic pollution is unthinkable”

— Capt. Charles Moore

When you scan your home, you’d probably find a lot of plastic packaging everywhere. We try to reduce our plastic consumption but it’s quite hard when business entities are using it on the products that we’re consuming daily.

For real change to happen, we need laws that’ll require producers and manufacturers to create “sustainable packaging” instead of producing linear/single-use goods. 

And so, a bill was proposed in California that calls for the reduction of single-use plastics and total phaseout by 2030. Ultimately, this will help consumers to live a life free of plastics.

In this episode, you’re going to meet Doshi, the Gnarly Beach Cleaner who is positively spreading awareness about ocean plastic pollution!

He is an Education Coordinator from Algalita, an organization that has been at the forefront of the “Great Plastic Awakening”, inspiring the youth to believe that a better future is possible when we all work hand in hand.

Today we will focus on the Californian Circular Economy and Plastic Reduction act that targets plastic reduction. Doshi will also share the side effects of single-use products and how he is passionately educating the public, especially the youth, about plastic pollution issues, and how we can all contribute and create solutions. 

In this Episode, We Discuss:

  • What’s going on behind the plastic industry curtain

  • The great plastic awakening

  • How the Algalita Foundation was created

  • Trash Island: The great pacific garbage patch

  • Creating a new system that’ll allow us to live in a more sustainable world

  • Looking at nature and it’s steady-state economy

  • Proposing the Senate Bill (SB-54) and Assembly Bill (AB 1080) to reduce single-plastic use

  • Algalita’s mission and purpose

  • How to get more involved in activities and work that benefits our planet

  • The difference between Algalita’s Academic Program and Leadership Program

Get to know Michael Doshi:

Doshi is the Gnarly Beach Cleaner who’s on a mission to spread awareness about ocean plastic pollution in a positive and jolly way! 

He is currently an Education Coordinator and Youth Programs Manager at Algalita Marine Research and Education.

Connect with Michael Doshi:

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