12: Firecracker Founder of Plastic Soup Foundation [Maria Westerbos] Tells it like it is

Join me today as we talk about the topics discussed from UWRAPPED with Maria Westerbos. Unwrapped is a conference that brings together world-renowned scientists to increase global recognition of the known human health risks of plastics while promoting a culture shift to safer alternatives!

Maria is an expert in the communications world, founder and director of Plastic Soup Foundation, an organization that aims to stop plastic waste from spreading and polluting the seas. In this episode, we cover the health risks of plastics and food packaging chemicals to human health and many more!


In this Episode, We Discuss:

  • What is Plastic Soup Foundation and what they do

  • How do we help consumers know what is greenwashing and what is not

  • The negative side effects of chemicals (from food packaging) on human health


Get to know Maria:

Maria Westerbos is the founder and director of Plastic Soup Foundation, an organization with the mission of: ‘No plastic waste in our water!’. When she founded the Plastic Soup Foundation, she started creating awareness regarding major environmental problems all over Holland, Europe and the rest of the world

Because of the work that she’s doing, she ranked number 18 in De Dikke Blauwe: a list of the 100 most influential people in “The Land of Do Well”


Connect with Maria:


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