14: Could raising cows as food ever be a part of the climate solution?! with Andrew Cameron


The nutrients in beef greatly depends on what the cow eats. If eating processed and unhealthy food degrades our health, then it’s most likely the same with animals. 

Okay, you might be confused. But how does the way a cow is raised or fed could make any difference to your health and to the environment?

Today on Mercast, Andrew Cameron, the owner of Byron Grass Fed (a company that connects ethical meat producers to like minded consumers) joins me to talk about the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed cattle as well as eating meat (beef) in a regenerative way. 

In this Episode, We Discuss:

  • Andrew’s thoughts on climate crisis

  • Crisis around food and its production

  • Regenerative animal agriculture

  • Grass-fed vs. Grain-fed

  • Small scale regenerative farming

  • Labels in animal agriculture that we need to look out for

  • Free-range method of farming

  • Why Andrew choose to grow his own food

Get to know Andrew:

Andrew is a Regenerative farmer consultant and manager who built his own organic food business distributing naturally. He is a firm believer in giving people the opportunity to a clear option when making an ethical choice with their food.

Through Byron Grass Fed, he links local and ethical farmers to conscientious consumers. Allowing consumers to have access to a trusted local, ethical and more sustainable food source.

Connect with Andrew:

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