16: The Environmental Cowboy [Khory Hancock]: Aussie climate expert shares science & solutions


“If you don’t understand something, look into nature for solutions.” Albert Einstein

Climate change is the greatest challenge that we are currently faced with. It’s real and its impact is felt everywhere. It’s heavily affecting people’s lives that some are out there protesting. Specially the young ones because it’s their future.

In response to this crisis - is a solution!

Join me in making environmentalism sexy with Khory Hancock, the environmental cowboy from Australia! Khory is an environmental scientist and advisor. He works with companies who want to reduce their environmental impact. He’s also an expert in climate mitigation adaptation and farming.

In this episode, we’re going to focus on climate solutions and ways to offset carbon emissions and reduce the impacts of climate change. Khory also shares 5 things you can do now to lessen your environmental impact.


In this Episode, We Discuss:

  • The two main solutions for climate change

  • The different kinds of carbon farming

  • Open Ocean Seaweed Model

  • Creating an economy around carbon

  • Paul Hawken’s Hundred Climate Solutions

  • The Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act 2011

  • Australia’s action over the emissions reduction fund

  • Looking unto nature for solutions

  • The scientific explanation of “We are all one”

  • Top 5 things you can do to reduce your impact


Get to know Khory:

Khory Hancock is an environmental scientist who grew up on a cattle station in Carnarvon Gorge, Central Queensland, Australia. Growing up in a remote area helped him to develop his genuine interest and passion for sustainability and nature as a whole.

He’s an environmental professional (advisor) and his expertise lies in climate change mitigation and adaption solution strategy.

Khory greatly believes that humanity is the solution. People are the ones who will drive the innovation and creativity that is needed to solve our environmental challenges. And he’s using social media channels like Instagram to speak, engage, raise awareness, and educate the public on climate science in a fun way!


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