18: Climate Emergency and the Culture of the Indigenous People with Blake Cedar


Join me today as we dive deeper into the fascinating culture of Indigenous people and the sea country with Indigenous Reef Education Ranger, Blake Cedar.

Blake is a member of the Dreamtime Dive, the only boat in Australia that incorporates indigenous history, wisdom, and culture in their tours. He is very passionate about sharing his culture and heritage with everyone.

In this episode, Blakes talks about the value of a rich culture, heritage, and the importance of sea country & spiritual connection. Moreover, Blake encourages us to listen to Indigenous people especially when it comes to protecting our homes and land because these people know more than anyone else.


In this Episode, We Discuss:

  • The sea country connection and why it is important

  • Totem animal and spiritual connections

  • Blake’s heritage and the culture of Indigenous people

  • Blake’s thoughts on the climate emergency that we’re experiencing now


Get to know Blake:

Blake Cedar is a sea ranger from Cairns and he has been with Dreamtime Dive & Snorkel for approximately 10 months. His favourite part of the job is the job itself! He is also a team person and a great communicator who speaks Torres Strait Creole and English.


Mentioned in this Episode:

Dreamtime Dive



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