Sail to Solve 

Plastic Pollution


MER SCHOOL •  Hervey Bay, QLD 2019


A blissful week spent sailing the sea with whales WHILST tackling issues that matter. 


The whales are migrating south and come to frolic in the "Bay of Dreams." Come along to interact non-invasively and connect with the gorgeous creatures as we sail through the bay & pause to marvel at their grandness.

Experience ocean adventure, meditation, Ayurvedic vegan meals, yoga, learn how to be plastic free, engage in inspiring discussions, environmental activism workshops, and deep connection to other like-minded humans, whales, and water & wind element.


7 Day Meeting of the Minds •  24 - 31 AUG  2019


This is a unique adventure ideal for ocean lovers to come together as friends to practice yoga, meditate, and explore the vibrant waters of Hervey Bay interacting with beautiful giants of the oceans. 

Whales are washing up on beaches with bellies full of plastic trash. In response to this, we want to put our energy into discussing plastic pollution, evaluating problems, and working on solutions. 

Throughout the week, we will be putting our brains together to tackle plastic pollution!

Make new friends, have a holiday, save the world!

*exclusively for those 18+ older*

All of the planned activities were far more meaningful and beautiful than I had thought possible.


(Subject to change based on weather, whales, sails, available accessible land for yoga & vibes.)


• Airport Pick ups • Depart the marina by 2pm • Introductions • Musical Jam as we Prepare Food & get settled in on Yacht

• Dinner • Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners, Introductions, and Intention Setting • Guided Grounding Meditation - Root Chakra


• Sunrise Yoga • Sacral Chakra Awakening Meditation • Breakfast Sail

• Prep Lunch • Plastics Discussion • Plastic Free Travel Workshop (Make Toothpaste, Deodorant, Clay Face Masks, Shampoo, Conditioner)

• Dinner • Full Moon Meditation :  Facing Our Shadows, Releasing our Fears, Activating our Intentions, Empowering our Manifestations


• Yoga/Swim • Breakfast • Guided Manifestation Meditation • Vision boarding • Whales & Ocean Adventure

• Lunch • Beach Clean, Separation of Plastics & Data Input with Tangaroa Blue • Discussion of Results & Solutions Debate • Social Media Campaign Discussion, Hashtag Analysis & Choosing a Creative Project for the Week 

• Dinner • Heart Opening Gratitude Meditation for the Whales, Water, Earth, & this Present


• Yoga • Meditation • Breakfast • Whales & Ocean Adventure

• Lunch • Environmental Activism Workshop • Campaign Brainstorming Breakout Session

• Dinner • Calling in Purpose (Solar Plexus) Meditation


• Ecstatic Dance • Breakfast • Whales & Ocean Adventure

• Lunch • Hike • Campaign Strategy Session

• Dinner • Star Gazing Night Swim (weather dependent!)


• Yoga • Meditation • Breakfast • Passion, Purpose, Voice Workshop • Journal Time

• Lunch • Plastic Free Vegan Dinner Party Workshop

• Big Ideas & BE SEEN • Closing Ceremony • Plastic Free Dinner Party


• Full Chakra Activation Yoga • Swim • Breakfast 

• Lunch • Plastic Free Vegan Dinner Party Workshop

• Big Ideas & BE SEEN • Closing Ceremony • Plastic Free Dinner Party


 • Meditation & Real World Intention Setting • Breakfast with Chats on Highlights & Activism Action Points • Sail back to Marina by 11am for the 12:50 flights

• Goodbyes! • Lifts to the Airport.


Sexy Boat Sunset.JPG

Our accommodation will be a catamaran with 4 cabins, meaning shared queen beds. If you have a preference for your bunk mate, please specify, so that I can arrange both of you together.  All meals will be vegan (and delicious). Please get in touch ASAP with specific dietary requests, concerns, & questions!  We can assist with transportation pick up in the afternoon on Saturday 25 August and drop offs on midday Saturday 1 September. You are more than welcome to drive yourself to Hervey Bay and I can advise on safe, free parking.

I take all steps to ensure your safety, however boating and ocean adventure activities do have risks. I do not control the weather, though will work with it to bring you the best possible experience each day. It is recommend you have private travel insurance for any unforeseen circumstances. This also means the itinerary is subject to change on a daily if not hourly basis, and of course marine life interaction is never guaranteed, as we are playing in the wild sea and choose to support non-invasiveness tourism. I appreciate your flexibility as we adjust the schedule to ensure all activities fit.

You are encouraged to bring your own snorkel gear and wetsuit. Definitely bring your own yoga mat and towels. 


Prepare to be salty, sandy, sweaty, & stunned by the magic of the Hervey Bay Whale Migration!

Mer-School: to solve waste problems with legends, musicians, & whales on a sailboat for a week.

Limited Spots Available
*if you have any questions about what to bring or about the program, do let us know

Retreat Deposit
MUSICIANS to jam on the Humpback Whale Retreat

Sailing with the Humpbacks is such a special experience. The Mermaid Retreat is a special gathering of women united by a respect for the Earth and a passion to protect it. Music has such a role in the uniting of our hearts and minds. I welcome musicians to join us to contribute your voice and music to the bonding with the humpback whales.

Please as many musicians as we can fit. Let’s have ocean whale jams.

This retreat is for Mermaids ready to schedule ADVENTURE in! Join a sailing mermaid retreat to connect deeply to water element, find your truth, and witness the divine southern migration of majestic humpbacks and their curious new babies. (Price is in USD)

This secures your spot to contribute to making the planet a better place and witness baby whales learning to be baby whales!

Note: transportation to Hervey Bay is not included.

Includes accomodation in a lovely catamaran (shared queen size beds in deluxe yacht), three delicious vegan Ayurvedic meals a day, daily yoga and meditation practice, empowerment and environmental activist workshops, HOURLY encounter and interaction with big beautiful humpback whales, and many other magical facilitated activities.

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