"early in" POP-UP Sydney Mermaid Workshop

"early in" POP-UP Sydney Mermaid Workshop



at Sadhana Kitchen in Bondi (32 Warners Ave, Bondi Beach NSW 2026)

1 November Wednesday 7-9pm 


DIY BEAUTY products from simple kitchen ingredients!


Join Kate, Plastic Free Mermaid, for a fun night of connecting back to the abundance of nature as we mix up organic toothpaste & deodorant from simple ingredients found in your kitchen. Then whip up a lush sugar face scrub from native Australian plants to for the coming summer months. 

We don’t have to sacrifice luxuries when we avoid plastic packaging & chemical nasties. 

Includes a mini Earth meditation & a discussion on how plastics are impacting our skin, our health, and our great great great great great great great great grandkids!

Book in - limited spots available!

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