FILM MAKER for the Humpback Whale Retreat

FILM MAKER for the Humpback Whale Retreat


Sailing with the Humpbacks is such a special experience. The Mermaid Retreat is a special gathering of women united by a respect for the Earth and a passion to protect it. Capturing the magic will be your role as you please enjoy this discounted package to join the whales with us in Hervey Bay.

This retreat is for Mermaids ready to schedule ADVENTURE in! Join a sailing mermaid retreat to connect deeply to water element, find your truth, and witness the divine southern migration of majestic humpbacks and their curious new babies.

There is only one Film Maker spot. This requires you to have all of your own film, sound, and editing equipment. Ideal if you have a drone or underwater housing to capture the magic, but of course not using these the whole week, just for one or two epic shots. I will ask you to also take a few still shots throughout the week when it feels right. It is my hopes that you are able to capture the magic of this meeting of minds with your unique creativity and subtle grace, so our guests do not feel their spiritual whale journey obstructed by cameras. All is open to discussion, please call or text me with questions 0411 893 543.

Deliverables: three 1 minute instagram clips (whales, music, sailing), three 3 minute clips for Youtube (retreat experience, workshop content, whales + music), one clip for sponsors/collaborators, 1 Facebook Photo Album (~ 30 photos)

This secures your spot to contribute to making the planet a better place and witness baby whales learning to be baby whales!

Note: transportation to Hervey Bay is not included.

Includes accomodation in a lovely catamaran (shared queen size beds in deluxe yacht), three delicious vegan Ayurvedic meals a day, daily yoga and meditation practice, empowerment and environmental activist workshops, HOURLY encounter and interaction with big beautiful humpback whales, and many other magical facilitated activities.

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7 Day "Mermaid" Eco Retreat - An all inclusive adventure during the humpback whale migration through Hervey Bay, Queensland.

This is a unique adventure holiday ideal for ocean loving mermaids wanting an immersive and unique experience with humpback whales. Underwater time for exploring and interacting with sea life as well as important conservation efforts to clean beaches, learn & enjoy to travel without disposable plastics, and empower each other to make a difference for the planet. 

Also, accommodation, meals, listed excursions and transportation are taken care of, so all you have to do is arrive.

We take every step necessary to ensure your safety, however boating adventures and ocean activities do have risks. We do not control the weather, though will work with it to bring you the best possible experience each day. It is recommend you have private travel insurance for any unforeseen circumstances. I appreciate your flexibility as our itinerary shifts due to weather and conditions.