Mermaid Mentorship

Mermaid Mentorship


I am taking on 6 mentees for the start of 2019. I am limiting the number so I can really build a special relationship and be fully present for these special six. I will be feeling in to how to support mermaids (all genders welcome to apply) one-on-one to manifest your most magical life and experience the present moment with clarity, truth, and joy.


Two months One on One Coaching (February - March)

Weekly check-ins to accelerate your vision and support your personal dreams:

- Four 45 minute one-on-one calls to build your Mermaid Life Map

  • Just you and me, video chatting about YOUR ONE MAGICAL EXPERIENCE OF LIFE and what you want to do with it. FUN!!! I’m SO looking forward to connecting with you and supporting you!!

  • I will send the link for you to book in the times that work for you

- Four 45 minute Group Calls with themes & exercises 

  • Sydney Time: Thursdays 5-6pm // Los Angeles Time : Wednesdays 10-11 pm (time can be wiggled if this does not work) Starting first week of Feb, every other week through March

  • Themes:

    • Releasing Self Doubt & Fears

    • Boundaries & Empowerment Exercises

    • Tuning in to My(your) Personal Truth

      • Exercises to re/connect internal compass to your true north, quieting the mind to hear the intuition & internal wisdom, meeting & listening to our guides

    • Environmental Work, Sustainability Consulting, Plastic-Free your business/life/community

      • Tools, resources, relevant connections to my network

Unlimited access to Mermaid Facebook Group for support, clarification, sounding board

Join SWIM (Super Whaley Important Mermaid) List : First access to and discounted rates on all Plastic Free Mermaid products, programs, and events

Email me with your questions at SUBJECT LINE: Mentorship

OR book a 15 minute discovery call with me here:

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This is nonrefundable. If personal circumstances occur and you cannot make this session, you can use this payment as credit towards the next mentorship or any I Quit Plastics or Plastic Free Mermaid retreats or programs.