Plastic Free July Guidebook

Plastic Free July Guidebook


I hope you enjoy this Guidebook! And good luck reducing your plastics this (and every!) month!

A little bit about why I do this…

I love the ocean. When I learned it was filling up with our trash, I decided to quit single-use plastics all together. It was hard at first, but with a positive attitude and small changes here and there I have slowly phased plastics out. I now enjoy a beautiful lifestyle without the burden of trash. I am more connected to the food I eat and I create my own recipes for beauty and home from simple natural ingredients. It is a pleasure to share what I have learned thus far. 

I encourage you to take on the "Plastic Free July" challenge with this Guidebook as your launch pad.

Good luck and please get in touch with questions, concerns, ideas, suggestions, etc! I am still learning and growing on this journey myself, so I appreciate the exchange of ideas!



Thank you for your interest in reducing single use plastics. Awareness of plastic pollution is growing, however while we wait for legislation and industry to adjust to better suit the environment, we can surely take responsibility for our individual waste created. Of all that we do, reducing our use of disposable plastics will make a huge, trackable, visible, positive impact on the planet! Your trash will shrink, therefore contributing to a smaller landfill pile. 

Plastic never biodegrades and each individual piece poses a serious threat to wildlife. In just one week we go through 10 billion plastic bags worldwide. In the USA an average of 2.5 million plastic bottles are used every hour and over 500 million straws are used daily! The choices we make truly do matter—if each of us cuts back, we can lower these statistics. 

A whole month without plastics seems daunting especially when you get to the grocery store and see almost everything on your list is packaged or bagged in plastic. This is where I step in to help identify sustainable and simple solutions to the every day plastic struggle. 

Plastic Free July (or any Plastic Free month) is designed to be extreme. It is meant to first build awareness of the pervasiveness of plastic and secondly to facilitate reasonable changes to our routines that could assist in reducing overall waste. It may feel overwhelming at times, so remember to just do your best and that even small changes make a difference.

Be patient. Be curious. Most of all, be CREATIVE!