Plastic Free Kickstart - 4 Week Online Course

Plastic Free Kickstart - 4 Week Online Course



A Four Week Online Program providing lifestyle changes that will guide students away from plastics and back to nature. You will receive the Welcome Letter PDF upon purchasing. Click to download. The course will be emailed to you the following day.

Throughout the duration of the course, you will receive loaded emails with video tutorials, downloadable PDFs, and information to help you build new habits as well as a lasting awareness around the plastic in your life. You will receive two emails a week, the first is the focal point for the week. The second email is the bonus session, which will offer a few more recipes and plastic hacks for the ultra committed!

This course focuses on the common plastics we encounter and offers natural alternatives that we make at home. You will receive recipes from toothpaste to chocolate bars to window cleaner! 

The course is divided into four categories

  • WEEK 1 - BATH & BODY

After your purchase, click to download the Welcome Letter. You will receive Week One shortly via email.


  • 20 Recipes 
  • 4 Weekly Bonuses
  • Video Tutorials
  • Plastic Free Tools, Tips, & Hacks 
  • Simple & Practical Solutions
  • Strategies to save time & money




I quit single-use plastics years ago when I learned plastics were filling up our oceans. Instead of this being a rash decision of my youth and giving it up as I grew sensible with age and experience, I have watched increasing evidence surface indicating mass-manufactured, plastic-packaged products and foods are full of chemicals harmful to our health. Not only will the plastic packaging exist for eternity, but we are coating our skin, hair, & insides with chemicals that our body struggles to break down and that could be altering our unique chemical make up.  Not to mention, what runs off of our skin, runs into our waterways! All of this makes me more committed than ever to de-plastic my life and share what I learn with you!

My aim is that this course helps us to reduce our use of plastics. This is a starting point to help us move closer to nature. To help us use more natural products and ingredients that--yes are better for the Earth’s health, but also--are better for our health! 

Over the next four weeks, I will do my best to share my favourite recipes that replace common plastic-packaged products. We will move from room to room in your house and shift habit by habit. I hope to inspire you to get experimental and adjust these recipes to best suit your needs. 

There are so many reasons to turn to plants, natural oils, and the myriad spices that are within reach to make our lives more rich and connected to nature. I will try to be concise whilst also explaining why I believe it is important to avoid certain products. I always advise you to do your own research as well. Please always look after yourself and if you find something better suited to you, go for it. 

I hope you enjoy this introduction to my mermaid lifestyle. There is so much more information to share! I did not want to overwhelm you just yet, so be sure to stick with it until the end where I offer more opportunities to learn my mermaid ways.