Is our new NSW Premier a Bag-banning Mermaid?


We have a new NSW Premier, is she a plastic bag banning mermaid? The best we can do for this issue, is to hassle our new elected officials like they've never been hassled before!

Let's get in touch and find out. I called her office this morning, they prefer we use the form on her website to send a message & request a reply. I've asked if she prefers a meeting, a stack of signatures as part of a petition, a protest, a mermaid shell bra, or something else to help us legislate a ban on plastic bags.

One of her aids replied to contact instead the Minister for the Environment, also a woman. (GIRL POWER!) I'm not done with you yet Gladys, but I'll happily hit up Gabrielle Upton about this issue! I met with Gabrielle last year about this very ban. I hope she has more to say than Gladys!

The honourable Gabrielle Upton
Ban the Bag

Contact our new NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

Call & email your state MP's to put pressure on our government to join the hundreds of countries, states, cities across the planet that are standing with the ocean & wildlife to ban plastic bags. 

Contact our Minister for the Environment, excitingly also a woman/potential-mermaid! (Pictured here with Mermaid)

Sign the petition to ban in NSW!

Ban the Bag Australia.

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