Bathroom Essentials

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What’s in my toiletries bag?

Little glass jars, metal tools, wooden brushes, & a few plastics. 

My beauty routine is simple.

  • Body brush my skin Stass & Co  
  • Shower
  • Oil my skin. Nothing but all the oils for the skin, this I learned in my studies of Ayurveda.
  • Sesame oil in winter, coconut oil in summer.
  • For face I alternate rose hip oil & once a week hemp oil. These bottles are great to reuse & create gifts of dreamy herb infused oils for friends.
  • For antiseptic & pimples I carry tea tree oil (this bottle has lasted me almost 5 years because a little goes a long way).
  • Pictured is my moon cup in its little pouch, one of my favourite ways to prevent single use plastic waste (no bleached tampons, no plastic pads).
  • I also love my safety razor (buy online or from a local barber supplies shop, mine has extra long handle).
  • My bamboo toothbrush (this one has PLA or plant based bristles, I was trying it out with excitement; unfortunately it lasts only a week before the bristles flatten outward
  • Floss by Noosa Basics 
  • Sun cream recipe here
  • In the little plastic containers are my homemade toothpaste & deodorant. Deodorant recipe here
  • These little cases are from the airport incident when my ocean sample from the Great Pacific Trash Gyre was almost confiscated by airport security when flying to Asia Dive Expo ! They gave me small little travel plastics to split the sample into so it was travel size! Imagine my ethical dilemma! So now I reuse these containers. Don’t know what else to do with them, since I doubt they would get recycled.
  • The dark jar is an Ayurvedic concoction to support digestion.
  • I have my shampoo soap bar by Dulse & Rugosa.
  • my absolute favourite all natural perfume, Leila Lou Byronsiejane

 This is my travel kit! 

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