15: Holistic Farm Management with Johno Hunter


Agriculture is one of the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect that’s responsible for the climate change we are experiencing today.

On the other side, agriculture is also vital in ending the climate crisis that we are currently. Through a holistic farm management that bring nutrients back to the ground while lessening the plastic pollution effect called, regenerative farming!

Join me today as we discuss how we can reverse the climate change effect through regenerative agriculture with Johno Hunter from Conscious Ground, a non-profit organization that uses holistic techniques to produce a wide range of fresh, tasty organic fruits, and vegetables.

In this conversation, he puts focus on the importance of getting more people educated with where their food is coming from and how it’s being produced. He also talks about the climate crisis, scaling localized farms, and supporting farmers by buying directly from them.

Apply for Conscious Ground’s volunteer program and get your hands dirty in creating a sustainable future! Click here to join!


In this Episode, We Discuss:

  • Climate crisis and how industrial agriculture contributed to the degradation of the climate

  • The reason why industrial farming became a sensitive topic among farmers

  • Economic benefits and opportunities with regenerative farming

  • Plastic alternatives that are going to create jobs and boost the economy?

  • Trapping/Isolating carbon as a source of food

  • Syntropic, permaculture, and market gardens systems

  • Educating consumers around farming and it’s production

  • What is biodynamic, organic, and spray-free?

  • Conventional and cosmic farming

  • Agricultural Cooperatives and scaling localized farm to be regenerative financially, economically, and socially?

  • The difference between sustainable and regenerative

  • Veganism: Is it sustainable?

  • Living by example and leaving a legacy of change


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