Single Use CONDOMS? Yep. Do it.

I have always joked about condoms being the only single-use plastic I endorse. But, it ain't a joke!

We should never put our health at risk. Make the best decisions for your health and body, then allow your environmental values to guide your decisions. Do not avoid medical treatment or disease prevention because of the plastics involved. 100% look after yourself. 

Condoms are so easy to endorse because birthing a brand new, entire human is a FAR bigger impact on the planet than the wrapper and the (hopefully natural) rubber it is made from. Prevent yourself from getting pregnant by using protection. EMPOWER yourself by making this decision for your body, your sex life, your planet. 

Most condoms are made from natural latex. 100% Pure Natural Latex is inherently anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. Natural Latex is a resin compound found in the Natural Rubber Tree "Hevea Brasiliensis," and tapped (just like 'dat ass?) from the latex ducts of the tree; contrary to popular belief it is not the tree’s sap and the trees are not damaged in the process.

Rubber made from natural latex is biodegradable after many, many years and under the right conditions. Lambskin condoms are biodegradable but offer no protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV. Synthetic rubber is not biodegradable. As we have learned with corn-starch cutlery and 'green' bags, the term biodegradable has varying degrees of meaning. Natural latex is not as biodegradable as bread or certain other man-made products.

Avoid condoms made of polyurethane, a soft plastic material, that does not break down at all. Unless you have allergies to natural latex, in which case, look after your health and use them!

Be considerate and dispose of your used condoms (and their non-biodegradable wrappers) in the trash bin. Never flush your condoms or toss them in a lake or river. They will not biodegrade in water. Even tossing biodegradable condoms into the bushes or burying them in the dirt is littering. It will take a long time for the latex to decompose. If you are camping and feeling frisky, save used condoms in a paper bag or, if they are quite messy, re-purpose a plastic bag for disposal at a later time. Many ladies have likely done the same (before moon cups!) for used tampons or pads. 

Most landfills do not provide the ideal environment for effective decomposition. Without air, even the biodegradable condoms will not break down.

You could put your used natural latex condoms in a material that is biodegradable, like a repurposed paper bag, tissues or toilet paper. Plastic bags do not break down, so it would be counterproductive to throw away your used biodegradable condoms in these. Even if the natural latex condoms will take a long time on their own. 

Semen and other bodily fluids will decompose in the environment.

The cardboard boxes that condoms come in can be recyled with mixed paper.  Individual condoms are wrapped in plastic or foil, which are not recyclable nor will either break down in a landfill. 


Let's just be honest. The fact that the condom will take a long time to break down in a landfill is a decidedly worthy sacrifice for the protection that condoms offer.  Using latex condoms is a smarter choice than risking it and contracting a sexually transmitted disease or an unwanted pregnancy. Protect yourself with condoms until there is a better option. (And there are many people working on this! If you know of any, please comment and share!)

We do not want to sacrifice our health for our plastic free lifestyle. There are many other changes we can make to avoid plastics first and foremost. Go the other many alternatives to single-use plastics. Once you are totally plastic free in all other areas, then you can consider alternative options for your sex life. 

When it comes to birth control, do your own research from trusted sources and make your own educated decision for your one precious body. Your health is MOST important. You cannot look after the health of the planet if you are unwell. 


And have fun trying out different natural latex condom brands! MEOWWWW